About us

We are a family winery which has been dedicated to the vineyard and wine for many generations. We are fortunate to have century-old vineyards; sweet and dry rancio fortified wines made by our ancestors and we work with vats and casks which have passed from generation to generation.

We would like many more generations to enjoy this legacy, and that is why we treat it with the utmost respect, although this often involves a great deal of effort.

Our products are the result of this dedication; we work honestly in order to offer wines that can express this heritage and we want everyone to enjoy them.

Wine Tasting

The best way to discover us is through our wines, so come to the winery and taste them, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

From Monday to Saturday, morning or afternoon.
Approximate duration: 1:45 h.
Price: 15€ per person.

You can taste all the wines that are available from all ranges: concrete aged, wooden aged, terroir wines or sweets wines. Depending on the time of year some of the references may be out of stock, so it will not be possible to taste them.

Booking the wine tasting, you will have a 10% discount on the purchase of wines at the winery store.

Winery & vineyards

We are a family winery located in a historical farmhouse in which documented viticulture dates back to the 14th century. The first document that refers to this is the purchase of the vineyard in 1305. This deed begins an extensive documented relationship that attests to the long wine-making tradition of the Carreras family.

The vineyards grow at the foot of the Albera Massif, in poor soils containing slate and granite, frequently aerated by the northerly tramuntana wind. Many these vineyards are extremely old, from 80 to more than 100 years old.

Contact us

Celler Martí Fabra SCP
Barri del Vic, 26 
17751, Sant Climent Sescebes

(+34) 972 56 30 11