Masia Carreras Negre


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Vintage: 2021

Varietal content: 100% Carignan

Alcohol level: 15% vol


  • 75 & 150 cl. bottles
  • Avaible in wooden case.

Appellation: DO Empordà


Some of the grapes for this wine come from a vineyard which can be documented back to the 15th century and it retains black Carignan vines that are over a hundred years old, planted immediately after the phylloxera epidemic had ended.

The Carignan variety grows in a slate and granite soil. The extremely poor nature of the soil, as well as the low yield of the old vineyards, makes for an excellent quality grape. The wine rests for 9 months in the old underground concrete vats, and after this time it is transferred into the 225-litre French oak casts to age for another year.

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